Young Professional Program

By age 26, an upper middle class young adults' lifetime chances of being diagnosed with an alcohol or drug addiction is two to three times higher than the average for same aged peers in different economic groups.  There is a growing body of research that indicates children raised in high achievement schools have a significantly increased susceptibility to addiction.*

The importance of programs for young professionals cannot be emphasized enough. Young adults face unique and distinctive problems and issues today, navigating major life transitions as they move from childhood to adulthood. Often they have learned to work or study hard, and to party just as hard - or may turn to alcohol, drugs and other addictions to cope with the stress of school or work.

Addressing these issues early in life allows our clients to develop personally and professionally. Tenley has always placed a high priority on our work with our young adults clients, and we are known throughout the region as leading specialists in this area.

As with other clients, our work with young professionals and their families is focused on addressing the entire range of presenting symptoms. We address trauma histories, complex multi-diagnostic mental health issues, and addiction interaction disorders addressing compulsivity around food, gambling, sex, spending and gaming. Our treatment is family centered, allowing spouses or parents to be involved in the healing process.  

Some components of our treatment plans are:

  • Individual and group therapy

  • Family therapy

  • Peer mentoring

  • Trauma therapy

  • LGBTQ informed therapy

  • Life skills development

  • Financial skills development

  • Art Therapy

  • Sober living residences

*Development and Psychopathology Journal, Volume 30 Issue 2, “Adolescents from upper middle class communities: Substance misuse and addiction across early adulthood” - Suniya S. Luthar, Phillip J. Small and Lucia Ciciolla