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Over the decades, Tenley has treated hundreds of people from all walks of life while creating an extraordinary success rate of long-term sobriety and recovery.


One of the traditional specialties of Tenley is treating high-functioning executives and professionals in the DMV area with personalized therapy models designed to accommodate the client’s schedule and individual circumstances. While emphasizing confidentiality and discretion, our treatment programs focus on facilitating a healthy and balanced recovery for the professional, including providing family support, for an integrated approach that nurtures long-term recovery and success in all areas of the client’s lives.

Families and Couples

Addiction affects the entire family, and Tenley’s family-centered approach offers solutions for individuals, their families, and their significant others working to address the issue of chemical dependence in their lives. Couples and family counseling is provided to help build long-term recovery for our clients as they integrate back into their families, and as they increase intimacy and healing from the devastating impacts of addiction.

Young Adults and Students

At Tenley, we understand the unique challenges facing young adults and their families seeking treatment for alcohol addiction and chemical dependency, as well as “failure to launch” related symptoms and process addictions. The specific needs of college students, and young professionals early in their careers, are acknowledged by our staff as uniquely challenging, requiring a masterful degree of clinical assessment and treatment. This is why Tenley has the best locally established college program, and created the first program for sober living dorms with college-specific programming. Our highly specialized understanding of all aspects of the addictive patterns of our young adult clients has inspired us to develop a customized approach for developing all of the necessary tools for long-term recovery in an environment of encouragement and accountability. With attention given to family dynamics, social pressure, and co-occurring disorders, we engage our clients in a process of self-exploration while they plan the next phase of their life, with recovery as the necessary foundation.

LGBTQ Community

We recognize that our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community has special challenges, often within the family dynamic as well as other unique factors, such as self-esteem, assimilation, and community identification. Addiction has traditionally been statistically more prevalent in what are often perceived as marginalized communities, and our steadfastly compassionate, caring and non-judgmental approach has made a reputation in the LGBT community as singularly effective in treating a wide range of addictions. Our residences are LGBT inclusive and transgender clients are a welcome addition to our residences.

Complex/Multi-Issue Patients

The frequent occurrence of multiple issues, disorders and sometimes multiple addictive patterns in individuals is a significant phenomenon in recovery, and takes profoundly skilled clinicians, well-versed in a variety of therapy and treatment modalities, to address. Using specialized treatment, including trauma therapy, EMDR, DBT and CBT, we can successfully address many of these challenging and interactive symptoms and disorders. The experience level of our clinical staff allows for a highly successful assessment process for each individual, so that we may create with the client a practical therapeutic approach to address these issues, nurturing recovery in every area of the client’s life.

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