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Since 1992, Tenley (formerly EADP) has provided the tools for long-term recovery from alcohol, drug and process addictions. Comprehensive Evaluations help us craft treatment plans for each individual’s unique recovery. Our treatment community includes clients who live at home in the DC Metro region, residents of our sober living residences, and the alumni of those residences. Trusting referrals come from local universities, government agencies, clinical professionals, treatment centers, family physicians and detox centers.

Tenley specializes in providing dual-diagnosis individuals with tailor-made treatments to adequately address their complete needs. Our therapists have specialties in process addictions including gaming, sex, and eating disorders. Gender-specific and issue-specific groups exhibit particular sensitivity to people who have a co-occurring diagnosis, have suffered trauma, or are members of the LGBTQ Community.

We encourage and help each of our clients to develop solid routines to make the most of their recovery. Initial treatment typically includes a combination of small-group sessions led by Master’s level addiction therapists, as well as individual and family & couples therapy and medication management. Gender and age-specific groups also focus on issues of poly-substance addiction, trauma and co-occurring disorders based on client criteria.

At Tenley, in order to bridge the gap between residential inpatient and full immersion back into life, with all its stressors, we provide our clients with intensive outpatient treatment programs and an individualized continuum of care. For those who prefer to live in one of our sober residences, we also offer safe, secure and comfortable residential accommodations.  While acclimating to the pace of daily routines, our clients engage in programs that help foster solid foundations, the necessary basis for maintaining long-term recovery from substance and process abuse disorders. Our clinical team and staff have helped thousands of individuals navigate the tenuous early steps of sobriety, allowing them to build the self-esteem and confidence to thoroughly engage in and enjoy the day-to-day activities of their work, home, and personal relationships.

We recognize that re-entry into society from the sheltered confines of residential or long-term treatment can be a stressful period, fraught with emotional triggers that can instigate relapse. Participating in customized treatment or living in a supportive recovery residence allows our clients the time and space to ease back into daily routines, while also enjoying the benefits of new healthy lifestyles. Tenley prides itself on providing the launch pad and skills for our clients to thrive in recovery.

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