Clinical Staff

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Kimberly Brammer, M.A.

Clinical Director

Kim is a graduate of George Washington University and practices as a licensed professional counselor and board-certified (Art Therapy Credentialing Board) art therapist. She specializes in stress & anger management, emotional regulation, and art-based trauma interventions.

She began working at Tenley in 2016 and recently started a private practice. Kim has created and implemented therapy programs for adults and children in inpatient and outpatient facilities throughout the DMV area. In these facilities, she realized her passion of working with individuals who struggle with addiction, but came to realize that she wanted to assist clients in maintaining sobriety rather than detoxing.

She loves watching her clients change as they get further away from their active addictions. She believes that everyone can reach their fullest potential when their creativity is explored and put into practice, allowing them to benefit from greater degrees of profound self-knowledge and healing.

Outside of her professional life, Kim likes to hike and rock climb with her family.

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Zina Hussain, M.D.

Zina is a licensed psychiatrist in the District of Columbia and Maryland. She is board certified in three specialties, psychiatry, neurology, and also in psychosomatic medicine. Zina has extensive experience in both inpatient and outpatient care.


Karen Buehler brings a lifetime of accomplishments into her profession as an addictions and mental health counselor, specializing in substance use and co-occurring disorders. Her professional path has traversed banking to politics, consulting and finally to recovery. Before becoming a professional mental health counselor, Karen spent over a dozen years working on Capitol Hill, and ten years as an organizational consultant and coach. In 2010 she earned a Master of Science degree in counseling with a concentration on substance abuse treatment and education from….She focuses on being an “agent of change”; first working to initiate change on the institutional level to progressing to organizational and small groups then at last to the individual. She tries to change the world, now it’s just by one person at a time.

Since 2009, Karen has worked in a variety of Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient programs in the DC Area seeing private patients since 2017, she draws on her personal experiences as someone in long term recovery as well as a myriad of psychological modalities. She believes in an integrative therapeutic approaching to working with clients and their families, drawing from Motivational Interviewing, CBT, and DBT techniques as well as interventions from Humanistic, Experiential and Existential Psychology models. She also practices EMDR. Karen believes that addiction impacts all facets of life, therefore effective treatment and recovery must address mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions healing.



Steve is a person who knows what it is to be in the throes of addiction, having been in recovery himself since 2003. Overcoming all the losses that people with addiction inevitably incur, he committed himself to doing everything he possibly could to help others avoid the ravages of alcoholism and addiction.

A native Washingtonian, Steve graduated from the highly respected counseling program at Loyola University of Maryland with a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He has professionally helped people in recovery since 2011.  His training and education, coupled with his personal experiences, have helped him to quickly distinguish himself as one of the area’s most reputable substance abuse counselors.

     When asked about his approach, Steve is quick to point out that, above all, people in early recovery need compassion and empathy.  “We must find a way to make room in our hearts for those that suffer while understanding the that we deal with a disease that it cunning, baffling, and powerful.  It is therefore vital to understand when to encourage the client and when to challenge or confront the client.  Medical science provides much useful information for us. Bringing the hope of recovery to the individual person is where the art of effective substance abuse counseling lies!”  With great conviction he is fond of saying,” I love what I do!”  No one knows this better than the people with whom he works.

Steve also brings in experience as a successful Father, Husband and Businessman.


Mark Servatius, B.S

Mark started his experience in the chemical dependency field after completion of long term residential treatment at a therapeutic community called Operation PAR in Clearwater Florida in 1986. He had already completed a Bachelor of Science degree at University of West Florida in Management. The management discipline was a group experiential program focusing on behavior of an individual within a group setting and proved beneficial to both his future recovery and clinical endeavors.

Mark continued with Operation PAR in a variety of modalities including detoxification, residential treatment, individual and group education (especially for DUI offenders) and at the end of his time at PAR as a Senior Counselor (C-III) at PAR's Tier IV outpatient program at Clearwater Community Correctional Facility. It was a joint venture by PAR, the State of Florida and the US government. Mr. Servatius was not only responsible for doing the majority of the clinical work but also for day to day operations to satisfy The Joint Commission's (then JCAH) standards. He continues what has been a succession of volunteer and part time contributions to recovery which includes hundreds of hours of continuing education as well as over seventy-five hundred hours of group facilitation as both a primary and secondary counselor, facilitator and educator.

In June of 2004 Mr. Servatius was recognized as an "Unsung Hero" by Caron Foundation at their inaugural Washington Metropolitan Community Service Awards Breakfast. He was cited for his diligent work in the Washington area delivering the message to those "affected by their addiction so that they can overcome their disease and live a sober life...." Currently Mark provides education content for EADP’s education and awareness raising group with primary emphasis on early intervention with DWI offenders.


Professional Staff

Jason Vogel, M.S., M.R.E. CEO.png

Jason Vogel, M.S., M.R.E.

With a background in psychology, business, and media, Jason heads the administrative staff of Tenley. A graduate (BSFS) of Georgetown University, Jason then earned master’s degrees in psychology (M.S. in Spiritual Psychology), in real estate (M.R.E.), and post-graduate certificates in Hypnotherapy. He also completed a year-long Positive Psychology Counseling program with Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania.  Jason started his career in media as a documentary filmmaker producing, writing or directing 600 programs, mostly for The Discovery Channel, Public Television, and HGTV. After receiving his post-graduate training, Jason had a counseling practice using the principles of Positive Psychology and Hypnotherapy to help clients leverage their signature strengths to improve their lives. He specializes in helping people who are organizationally challenged to become more effective. Jason has also given speeches to hundreds of colleges, high schools, and corporations. A published author of 2 books, he edited three more and was a contributing editor to a national business magazine, Financial World. Jason and his therapist wife of 30 years have four talented and successful children.

Kenneth Vogel, Esq. Legal Counsel.png

Kenneth Vogel, Esq.
Legal Counsel

A native Washingtonian with over thirty years as a practicing attorney, Kenneth Vogel practices business law in Washington, DC, with a specialty in mediation, dispute resolution, and litigation. He gained bar admission to practice in all state and federal courts in D.C. and Maryland. Ken helped craft the legislation that allows psychologists to testify as expert witnesses in Maryland. His legal practice focuses on construction law, representing aggrieved homeowners, contractors and architects.  Ken is the Maryland/Washington representative of Construction Dispute Resolution Services, and an international provider of mediation and arbitration services.


Linda Nutall, Office Manager

Linda uses her long career in health care to combine compassionate patient interaction with best-practices in the office. A Johns-Hopkins MBA, Linda currently is working to keep Tenley HIPAA compliant while implementing electronic medical records for client convenience and therapist communication. Supporting the Tenley clinical team with process improvement and a solid administrative structure is her passion, and in turn, helps the clients as they progress through recovery.


House Managers & Peer Mentors

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Merrick Murdock, House Manager

A woman living in long-term recovery, Merrick has helped establish private sober-living homes for women entering recovery from inpatient treatment. Merrick currently manages Irene’s Place, Tenley’s sober house for women. She has special talents in mentoring and working with women who have suffered abuse. Before joining Tenley, she worked as a broadcast TV producer, creating healthcare television campaigns on behalf of the National Institutes of Mental Health, SAMHSA and other divisions of the NIH, in addition to producing television commercials for corporate clients. Merrick also created SoberChic™, a website resource center for sober women. Merrick enjoys hiking, anything creative, and happily watching her kids grow up.

Kevin Hourigan, House Manager.jpg

Kevin Hourigan, House Manager

Kevin Hourigan is in long-term recovery.

Kevin has worked in the restaurant industry, in his native Bethesda, MD, for more than 25 years, and since his recovery, he has worked in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation field for the last 11 years, including at Father Martin's Ashley and Harbor of Grace, both in Havre de Grace, MD.

Having moved back to the area in late 2017, he began working at Fresh Start, a treatment center in Gaithersburg, MD, and is now the Men's Residential Manager of Tenley House.

His passions are recovery, family, and golf.




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