At Tenley, we understand the feelings of isolation, detachment, and shame that people suffering from addiction often experience so acutely. This sense of not belonging or being separate from can be a significant roadblock to people seeking long-term recovery. That is why we work hard to cultivate a safe and welcoming environment in our clinical facilities and residences. This inclusive environment combined with our individualized approach allows our clients to cultivate a sense of self that will help them to develop meaningful connections in other areas of their lives. We believe that enrichment of personal, professional, social, and familial relationships is part of the foundation of a fulfilling life in recovery.

Often these negative experiences can be reinforced by certain social, familial, and personal forces that make seeking treatment and maintaining sobriety all the more difficult for some of our clients. We recognize and have experience with the unique challenges that clients in the LGBTQ community, clients suffering from trauma, and high-profile clients face in early sobriety. We strive to provide an environment where our clients feel safe to engage with our team in the work that will promote successful treatment.

The Tenley community extends far beyond our clinical facilities and sober living residences. Our unique treatment approach has resulted in an ever-growing local, national, and international support network consisting of team members, clients, alumni, specialized clinicians, mentors, and more. This extensive and inclusive community has helped countless clients clinically, personally, socially, and professionally. The cultivation and maintenance of this community is a core part of our treatment and something that we take pride in.