College Preparedness Program

Addicted young adults face difficulties and obstacles. Tenley’s specific college program helps students live a sober life and succeed academically. We also help them deal with social and mental health issues that hold them back. Our family centered college program includes intensive outpatient therapy, peer mentoring, study and life skill development, medication management and sobriety monitoring.

In 2008, Tenley opened its doors to college students, becoming the first DC treatment center and sober residence to develop programming focused on helping recovering addicts return to school and build sustainable sobriety. Since then, we have helped both local and out-of-state students get back on track.  Our team’s insight into the range of addictive behaviors and co-occurring issues allows us to customize care. We work with our students to develop tools for long-term recovery.

Failure To Launch Program

“Failure-to-launch syndrome” is an increasingly common condition afflicting college-age young adults.Those experiencing this have a difficult time maturing and transitioning into the next stage of development, adulthood. Some common signs of this condition are:

  • Not accepting, or deflecting responsibility for their actions

  • Little or low motivation for school or work activities

  • Poor work ethic and inability to set goals

  • If goals are set, a lack of persistence or consistency in working towards them

  • Difficulty achieving satisfactory college grades

  • Inability to hold a steady job

Often, substance addiction, anxiety and co-occurring mental health and avoidant disorders create challenging factors in treating this syndrome. Tenley’s focused specialization in these areas has created long-standing success for our young clients experiencing this condition. Our clinicians also have a long history of working with this age group, and our individualized and customized approach has demonstrated consistent success for these clients.